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Save up to 80% of energy


Extra quiet operation


Pools and hot tubs 0-20m 3


About the MR. Silence


About the FUEGO heat pump

Ideal pump for above-ground pools

FUEGO heat pump can be used for above-ground pools and whirlpools from 0 to 20m3. The pump is also extremely quiet and environmentally friendly, as it uses R32 refrigerant, which is a more ecological option compared to conventional heat pumps that use R410A or R404A. It can also be used for pools and whirlpools with salt water.

Easy installation and timeless design

The FUEGO pool pump is very easy to install and thus it can be connected to standard pool hoses with a diameter of 38/32 mm. The package naturally also includes all accessories and instructions in the Czech language.

The pump has a housing made of high-quality galvanized steel and can be supplied in exclusive black colour. Thanks to the new technology, the propeller was removed from the front and was hidden inside, which significantly saves space around the heat pump - the pump only needs space of 50 cm from four sides. The pump draws in air from the sides, which helps both heating and cooling. The air is gradually forced into the space from behind, which makes it extremely quiet compared to conventional FUEGO pumps.



Modern technologies and touch screen

FUEGO can be controlled via a user-friendly touch screen. The big advantage is that the pump can stay outside all year round, rain and sun will not harm it - you just need to cover the power supply and to sweep snow off it in the winter.


Fuego key benefits

Technical data


Download PDF


Download PDF

Price list

AMS04 Mr.Silence 3,5kW Heat pump 11999.00 Kč
AMS06 Mr.Silence 5,6kW Heat pump 15999.00 Kč

The listed prices are retail and include VAT.

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